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Ballink is the social platform for sports enthusiasts to get updates and stay connected with likeminded athletes. Easily find or create events that locals your age, gender and skill level can see! Ballink not only keeps you in the loop, but can also expand your social circle around the sports you love.


For New Accounts, create an account with your name, age, gender, location and profile photo.
You can also add.. Bio, Age, skill level, and gender!

View current sporting events via Map View or List View

See event information like the host, group age, time, location and skill level. You can also see who else is attending, if it’s a public event.

Request to join in the event by clicking the Interested Button

You can also add your own event by clicking the Add icon and providing the same event detail. Choose from a wide variety of sporting events to host or join like Basketball, soccer, flag football, rugby, ultimate frisbee and more! Get connected with your community and enjoy the sport you love!

Socialize with friends and use the app’s chat function


Search, find and view a list of available ball events within your area.

View both public and private events.

Events are categorized by Public or Private and Status (Upcoming, Ongoing and Finished)

Choose from a wide variety of sports from Flag Football, Golf, Lacrose, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee and much more.




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